Government contracting is a critical aspect of business for companies that operate in the gov con industry. One of the most common questions businesses ask is, “Where are government contracts posted?” This is an essential question because knowing where to find and bid on government contracts can be the lifeblood of many businesses in this space.

In the fiscal year 2022, small businesses were directly awarded contracts worth $158.7 billion, marking a 3% increase from the previous year and the highest recorded level. The total government contracts awarded in 2022 amounted to $682.6 billion. However, the percentage of disclosed contracts going to small businesses decreased slightly from 24.1% in 2021 to 23.2% in 2022.

This blog explores where government contracts are posted and the benefits of using government contracting websites to secure contracts with state and local governments.

Why Are Government Contracts Important?

Winning government contracts can be significant for businesses, providing a stable revenue source and a competitive advantage. With over $682 billion in contracts awarded in Fiscal Year 2021, the federal government is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services. Understanding the importance of government contracts can be the key to unlocking opportunities in the gov con industry. Here’s why:

  • Significant Revenue Source: Government contracts offer a considerable revenue opportunity for businesses. Winning a government contract can lead to a stable revenue stream, which is critical for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The federal government’s procurement budget is enormous, providing many opportunities for businesses of all sizes to participate.
  • Credibility and Competitive Advantage: Winning a government contract can establish a business as a trusted partner in the eyes of the government agency. It signals to other potential clients that a business has the expertise, resources, and credibility to perform at a high level. This can provide a competitive advantage in the market, resulting in more business opportunities and a higher chance of winning contracts in the future.
  • Increased Visibility and Exposure: Winning government contracts can result in increased visibility and exposure for a business. Government agencies often publicize their partnerships and collaborations with private sector entities, which can result in media attention and increased brand recognition. In a competitive market, this can also enhance the credibility of a business.

Where Are Government Contracts Posted?

So, where can you find these lucrative government contracts? Listed below are best government contracting websites and portals:

  1. SAM.gov 

This is the primary website for federal government procurement. All federal opportunities valued at $25,000 or more are posted on SAM.gov. This gov con website offers a robust search function that allows you to search for opportunities by keyword, agency, location, and other parameters.

  1. State and Local Government Contracting Websites

Many state and local governments post their opportunities on their websites besides federal contracts. These websites vary by state and locality, so it’s recommended to research the specific sites for the jurisdictions where you want to do business.

  1. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS)

If your business is in the defense industry, the DLA’s DIBBS system is an important portal to be aware of. DIBBS is the primary system for the DLA to post solicitations and receive quotes and proposals from contractors.

  1. GSA eBuy

The General Services Administration (GSA) operates eBuy, an online Request for Quote (RFQ) tool that allows GSA Schedule contractors to submit quotes for products and services required by government agencies.

These are just a few government contracting websites and portals to find out where government contracts are posted. However, it’s important to note that finding and winning government contracts requires more than just searching for opportunities. You must thoroughly understand the procurement process, including the rules and regulations governing government contracting.

Benefits Of Using Government Contracting Websites

Government contracting websites, such as SAM.gov, FedBizOpps (now beta.SAM.gov), GSA Advantage, and eBuy, provide businesses with a wealth of information about government contracting opportunities. 

Utilizing these websites can offer numerous benefits for businesses looking to secure government contracts. Below listed are some of the benefits of using government contracting websites:

  • Easy Access to Government Contracts: Government contracting websites offer a centralized location for businesses to find government contracts. These websites provide businesses access to a vast array of contracting opportunities that they may not have known otherwise. The websites are easy to navigate, and businesses can quickly search for contracts that align with their capabilities and expertise.
  • Streamlined Bidding Process: Government contracting websites simplify the bidding process for businesses. The websites provide step-by-step instructions on how to submit a bid and allow businesses to submit their proposals electronically. This saves businesses time and resources they would have spent printing and mailing their proposals hard copies.
  • Real-Time Updates: Government contracting websites offer real-time updates on contracting opportunities. Businesses can subscribe to alerts and notifications to stay informed of new opportunities that match their interests and capabilities. By doing so, businesses are always informed about the latest contracting opportunities and can respond promptly to them.
  • Increased Visibility: Government contracting websites can increase a business’s visibility to government agencies. When businesses submit their proposals through these websites, their information becomes easily accessible to government agencies and other potential partners. This can help businesses establish credibility and increase their chances of winning contracts.

State and Local Government Contracting Websites

In addition to federal government contracting opportunities, state and local governments offer various contracting opportunities for businesses. State and local government contracting websites allow businesses to find these opportunities and compete for contracts. 

Here’s an overview of state and local government contracting websites, including their features and benefits:

State Procurement Websites

State procurement websites are designed to help businesses find and compete for contracting opportunities with state government agencies. These websites typically feature a searchable database of contracts that businesses can bid on. Businesses can filter contracts by industry, location, and other criteria to find opportunities that align with their capabilities.

Every state has a procurement  website. All you have to do is google your state name and add the word procurement.For example, California Procurement will bring you to California’s eProcurement system: Cal eProcure

This website provides access to bidding opportunities with state agencies, local governments, and other public entities in California. The website also features a range of tools to help businesses manage their government contract bids, including a bid tracking system and a messaging system for communicating with procurement officials.

Local Government Procurement Websites

Local government procurement websites provide access to contracting opportunities with city and county governments, school districts, and other local public entities. These websites are typically organized by location and offer a searchable database of contracts.

The same is for local governments. Search the area and add the word procurment. It will lead you to the procuemnt website for that area. An example of a local government procurement website is Houston’s Strategic Procurement Division website. 

This website offers a range of tools and resources to help businesses find and compete for contracts with the City of Houston. The website features a searchable database of contracts, a vendor registration system, and a range of business training and education resources.

Benefits of Using State and Local Government Contracting Websites

There are several benefits to using state and local government contracting websites, including:

  • Access to Local Contracting Opportunities: State and local government contracting websites provide businesses with access to contracting opportunities at the local level. SMEs cannot compete for larger federal contracts, which can be particularly helpful.
  • Simplified Bidding Process: State and local government contracting websites typically offer a streamlined bidding process that is easy to navigate. Businesses can quickly search for contracts and submit their proposals electronically.
  • Real-Time Updates: State and local government contracting websites provide real-time updates on contracting opportunities. Businesses can subscribe to alerts and notifications to stay informed of new opportunities that match their interests and capabilities.
  • Low-Costs: Many state and local government contracting websites are free to use, which can be cost-effective for businesses. Businesses can save money and resources by not having to hire a dedicated team to search for and track government contracts.


Knowing where to find government contracts is crucial for businesses that are looking to secure government contracts. Government contracts can be a significant source of revenue for businesses, and winning a government contract can provide credibility and competitive advantage.

The gov con industry is constantly evolving, and businesses serious about securing government contracts must stay informed of the latest trends and opportunities. Government contracting websites provide a wealth of information about government contracting opportunities throughout the country, including at the federal, state, and local levels.

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Where Are Government Contracts Posted: FAQs

What is the best website to win government contracts?

The Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website is the primary platform used by federal agencies to post their contracting opportunities. Other popular government contracting websites include the System for Award Management (SAM) and GovWin.

Where are government contracts posted?

Government contracts are posted on various websites such as Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) and System for Award Management (SAM), depending on the level of government and type of contract. These websites are the primary platforms used by federal agencies to post their contracting opportunities.

What is the process for bidding on government contracts?

To bid on a government contract, businesses must first identify a contract that fits their capabilities and needs. Once a contract of interest is found, businesses must submit a bid proposal, which includes information on pricing, technical capabilities, past performance, and other relevant information. The government agency will then evaluate the government contract bids and select the most qualified bidder. If selected, the business will negotiate the terms of the contract with the government agency and ultimately sign the contract if both parties agree to the terms.